Word Quirks

I have always been interested in language – and words.  And I began “collecting” interesting tidbits about words around the age of 10.  Here are some interesting facts that are fun to know.

Only 3 words in the English language have the vowels in perfect order:  facetious, arsenious (derived from arsenic) and abstemious (abstaining)

Longest word without repeating a letter:  uncopyrightable

Longest word you can type on the top row of a typewriter:  typewriter

Longest word typed with left hand:  stewardesses

Longest word typed with right hand:  lollipop

Only word derived from Malaysian language:  amok (to run amok)

Only one word has 3 consecutive double letters:  Bookkeeper.  Sweettooth is also one if spelled as one word

Only 3 words that are palindromes (same backwards as forwards):  racecar, kayak and level

Only one word ends in “mt”:  dreamt

Longest word without vowels (A – E – I – O 0r U):  rhythms

Longest one syllable word:  screeched

Most used letter in English language:  E

Least used letter:  Q