Earlier this year, I logged on to to prowl around and look for relatives (Danish and Swedish).  The site seemed interesting – and ample – so I signed up.  My wife, Donna, saw what I was doing and to date has logged more than 11,000 hours on  Not really but she has traced her family roots back to Ireland, Poland, Germany and heaven knows where.  She is decended from William Bagnal Harvey who had his head lopped off (stuck on a pike outside Wexford courthouse) for helping to lead the Irish insurrection against the British in 1798.  On a trip to Northern Ireland a few years ago, we met a university professor who offered a course on this 1798 uprising.  When Donna revealed  her heritage, the man quickly grabbed her hand — and kissed it.  Slowly.  Royally.   She liked that .   Hmmmm . . . . maybe I can learn a lesson from this. . . .

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