Final Exam Questions . . . .

On January 19, 2012, I posted on my three favorite radio stations.  WBBM is “News Radio 78.”  WFMT provides classical music.  And WMBI is the station of the Moody Bible Institute.  I listen to each (and occasionally others) depending on how I feel.   

I was listening to WMBI a few weeks ago when Dr. Erwin Lutzer, former senior pastor of the Moody Bible Church, was asked if he ever discusses religion with atheists.  His answer was “sure.”  He welcomes such discussions.   However he said that he avoids debate and complicated arguments about the Bible or God.  Instead, he invites a simple challenge. . . . 

Dr. Lutzer suggests to his counterpart that he or she invest 10 minutes a day.  For 21 days.  And each day read one chapter in the New Testament Gospel of John.  There is one question the reader should seek to answer:  who was Jesus?   

While such a challenge may prompt religious enlightenment, I also like the vignette offered in my post of November 13, 2018.  Albert Einstein, born Jewish and somewhat pantheistic in later life, was once asked by a student if God existed. Einstein responded “What percent of the total knowledge of the universe do you suppose we as humans now possess?” The student thought – and speculated around two percent. To which Einstein replied “Now tell me – what are the possibilities that God exists in the other 98%?” 

Powerful questions.  They’ll be on the final exam. . . .   

Favorite Radio Stations

I’ve been asked a few times what I listen to on my IPod at the local fitness center (heavy on Blues, Clapton, B.B. King, Magic Slim, Chinese language tapes, Gloria Estefan, Japanese koto music, the Bee Gees, the Beach Boys, etc.).   What I listen to at any given time depends on what I am doing at the fitness center. . . .

But no one has ever asked me “What radio stations do you listen to, Scott?”  So let me volunteer this information.    

When traveling to and from the fitness center or just driving around, I have three stations I listen to:  WMBI 90.1 (the Moody Bible Institute); WBBM News Radio 780 AM; and WFMT 98.7 (classical music station).  Why these stations? 

First, let me say that I can only listen to Bruce Springsteen, Lady Googoo, Kanye West, Ernest Tubb & his Texas Troubadors for so long.   And besides — what benefit do I derive from hearing the same song 300 times during the course of my life?   Zilch.   The thumping and screeching of the “Top 40” will  long be forgotten.   And since life is not a dress rehearsal, I gravitate toward three stations that give me inspiration, knowledge and calm.  For me, I have succeeded.   What do you listen to?