Soooo, Wise Guy. . . .

In my post on the book Ghettoside, I suggested that caring folks with pure hearts and sound minds could make inroads into poverty — and the terrible disease of gang violence in black communities — if not hampered by politics, social agenda and political correctness.  The blight of poverty is complicated — affected by a constellation of factors – both inside and outside these communities.   

Over the last few weeks, I have compiled a list of causes of poverty — offered with a pure heart and (reasonably) sound mind:  educational shortcomings; family dynamics (72% of black children are born out of wedlock) — resulting in single parent homes; young mothers who have trouble “parenting” — which triggers the 30 million word gap (see post of 9/4/15); a lack of positive role models — which helps inspire gangs; lead poisoning; mental illness; unemployment/underemployment; a culture of entitlement; resignation; political convenience; unspeakable violence on television, in movies, video games and music — which inspires a “culture” of violence — resulting in post traumatic stress; prohibitions against the teaching of values, discipline, direction and competition; cultural malaise; nutrition; obesity; drugs; low income; symmetrical, poverty-stricken neighborhoods; a lack of accountability; demonization of police by groups like Black Lives Matter (though usually not by folks who live in the neighborhoods).  “Racism” is a factor as well though the term is often too casually used for political purpose.

And I’m sure there are other reasons.  Where am I going wrong?  What can we do?    

Political Correctness

Anyone who believes in political correctness should be fired from their job.  They should be silenced and have no forum for their speech. If they press their PC beliefs too much, they should be sued, vilified, and scourged. Right? Oh wait a minute . . . . that’s what people who believe in political correctness want to happen to those not like them.  Yep.  I got it. . . .

Freedom of speech is anchored in the Constitution.  Yet the dark malignancy of political correctness has infiltrated every aspect of American life.  Freedom of speech is no longer guaranteed.  There are topics that are not permitted for discussion — despite constructive intent.  There are words we may not say and topics banned from dialogue.  Horrible violence and vulgarity remain uncensored.  Yet the wrong humor is filtered.  The “wrong” word can lead to one’s downfall in business or society.  The risks are increasingly great.  And it’s getting worse.  Watch your door, people.

Jerry Seinfeld recently discussed on ESPN his decision not to perform on college campuses.  He won’t go near them.  Why?  “They are so PC.”  Seinfeld comments that young people “just want to use the words ‘that’s racist’ ‘that’s sexist’ ‘that’s prejudiced’.  They don’t even know what they are talking about.”  Mel Brooks laments that “Blazing Saddles” probably could not be made today because of “the rabid vigilantism of the language police.”  Colleges and universities are supposed to be bastions of free speech.  Yet they have become vindicators of suppression.  Students are brainwashed by professors with destructive political agendas.  And impressionable students accept.  Without question.  Without thought.  How often do we see the news trumpeting someone’s errant or careless comment?  A murderer may be released from prison – and integrate back into society, but if you say the wrong word, there will never be forgiveness (see November 9, 2014).  Great.  As I said, watch your door, people. . . . . . .