Ken Burns

Donna and I watched Ken Burns’ new six hour series “The U.S. and the Holocaust.” Burns calls it “the most important film [he] will ever make.”

I have previously posted on anti-semitism (see May 22, 2021, and “Night” May 13, 2020). You may want to check them out given this topic. To quote 5/22/2021:

Most of us are aware of anti-Semitism from alt-right jerks.  But there is a smoldering – and growing – anti-Semitism from progressives and those on the left. We see bigotry and hatred of Israel and Jews in American colleges and universities. For the latter, it is pointless to ask why we do not boycott human rights abuses in China, Russia, Syria, Saudi Arabia, North Korea, Sudan, Zimbabwe. Oh no. It is Israel that is in the cross hairs of the left.  And because many Israelis are Jewish, it is their faith that take the heat. 

Ken Burns’ documentary explores America’s role in the Holocaust. He begins with American attitudes in the 1920’s and 30’s – which showed a growing antipathy and xenophobia toward immigrants — especially those from Eastern and Southern Europe. And Jews. While America took in 225,000 refugees during in the years leading up to and through World War II, six million Jews died. Burns lays much of the blame on Roosevelt, the Congress, the State Department and – the American people.

This 3 part series aired in September on PBS. Please – watch Judy Woodruff’s news report on this programming – see

One reason for watching this series is we were recently in Amsterdam – and visited the Anne Frank house (see ). The tour was powerful. Nazis murdered more than 100,000 Dutch Jews before and during the War. It really happened. Could it happen again? As is stated in the documentary – “the time to stop genocide is before it happens.