At the Pearly Gates

A Dane and a Swede both died at the same time.  They found themselves side-by-side winging their way to Heaven.

The Dane looked at the Swede and said “I hope you know that St. Peter – the Guardian of the Pearly Gates* – is Danish.”

The Swede scoffed “Dat’s silly. Especially coming from a Dane. I don’ believe you. Dat’s ridiculous.” The Dane gave him a knowing smile and said “just wait.”

Suddenly the two landed on a cloud — right in front of a large ornate podium. Behind it was a massive figure with long beard and flowing robes. It was St. Peter. “Welcome to Heaven” he bellowed. “Before you can enter Heaven, I am required to ask you a religious question.” St. Peter turned to the Dane and said “in the parable of the loaves and the fishes, how many did Jesus feed?” 

The Dane scratched his chin, looked up and said “five thousand.”  St.  Peter smiled and said – “go on in.”  And the Pearly Gates parted.

St. Peter looked at the Swede.  “You’re Swedish, aren’t you?” 

The Swede puffed out his chest, put his hands on his hips and said “Yep.  Dat I am!” 

St. Peter nodded.  “Okay – in the parable of the loaves and the fishes. . . .what were the names of those who were fed?” 

*Actually referenced in Revelations 21:21