How About It?

Earlier this week, I went to the local fitness center. Nothing heroic. A little Stairmaster and some weights. In the locker room, there’s a guy shaving. He’s got the water running full tilt. He turns around and talks.  Minutes drag by.  Water runs.  Quarts.  Gallons.  He never rinses his razor except at the end.  So clean, safe water just pours out.  Going into the sewer.   Every time I see him – and a few others – it’s the same thing.  Good water.  Wasted.   

Clean, safe drinking water is abundant for those reading this post.  But friends, clean, safe drinking water is becoming increasingly scarce in our world.  Look at Africa.  Flint,  Michigan.  Drought in California.

I have posted before on my idea — JUST TURN IT OFF (see July 23, 2011, and May 1, 2014).   It’s a registered trademark.  I own the domain name.  And I’ve circulated cards bearing this admonition.  But I’d like to do more.  And for you to do more too.  And there’s no heavy lifting.

Water is precious.  Rather than leaving it run – JUST TURN IT OFF.  And turn it on as needed.  Save a gallon for the future.

In the shower, turn on the water then JUST TURN IT OFF and soap down.  Then turn it on to rinse and enjoy the hot water.  Save gallons for your children.  And their children. 

Electricity burns fuel.  Fuel generation causes pollution.  When not using a light in your home – JUST TURN IT OFF – and make a difference.     

This is like recycling.  Saving trees.  Reducing carbon emissions.  Saving a gallon of water a day is not much.  But – just think if everyone did it. . . . .