The Secret Weapon. . . .

As you might have guessed, I enjoy golf.  I play at a Club where we have caddies.  Many are young men and women from local schools who tote bags for good exercise, good company, a nice wage, and a decent tip.   There are “B” caddies (the newbies), “A” caddies (some experience) and “honor” caddies (older caddies – often “pros” – with experience and wisdom).  Many of the young men and women go on to apply for Evans Scholarships for college (most courses and many players generously support this fine program). 

When playing in any competition (or just for fun), I have come to realize that a good caddy can be a secret weapon.   They don’t just carry the bag, rake the trap, give yardage and clean your Pro V-1.  They also read the greens, talk strategy and give wise counsel on golf course management. 

Lawrence is one of the best.  I can see why Tiger, Bubba, Bo, Phil and Rory and all the others lean heavily on their caddies for second opinions and sage advice.  There are times when I was sure the “break” on a green was left to right.  Lawrence would shake his head — “right to left cup and a half” — and he was always right.  That’s why you learn to trust your caddy.  Especially the ones who have earned that trust.  They can really be a secret weapon.   Shhhhhh . . . . don’t say a word about this to anyone. . . . .